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About John
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John Herold, founder of BehavePC.com, is an expert technician with over 24 years of daily experience persuading reluctant computers, programs and devices to behave the way they should. He possesses a keen intellect, unshakeable confidence, a creative approach to problem solving and an intuitive grasp of technological theory. He can solve almost any problem you throw at him and enjoys--actually enjoys--frustrating computer problems. He is also a natural teacher with a talent for communicating complex ideas in a clear and simple way, and is a patient and gentle person.

BehavePC is a business John began in 2003. His specialty was onsite PC support. Today his creative and technical services still include traditional at-your-doorstep computer repair, but also a great deal more. John has a unique mind with a strong appetite for both analytical and creative projects. His interests are as diverse as his client base. He empowers his clients to get the most from their technology by solving their problems and then helping them learn whatever they want to know. He is a gifted communicator. For people who want a good teacher, work best one-on-one and appreciate individualized attention, John Herold is a great person to call.

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